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What's up everyone. It’s your girl Bonnie Mercado

What's up everyone. It’s your girl Bonnie Mercado, on Bonnie Mercado | Official Site most of you will know me as "Eyez" the spy from Flavor of Love 2 others will know me from Hosting, Modeling, Singing and Rapping. Spreading smiles is what I do best. As many of you know I am the host of the insanely popular morning show... Wake The Hell Up!!! on the hottest new hit radio station ,Unphiteredradio, Monday-Friday 7am-11am. I am also the Spokes Woman for Real Water. I still love my Slurpee’s and Slurpheads and will always be your Slurpee Queen; however, now I stay hydrated on a cellular level. I am also a proud parent to my beautiful daughter Briana. She is the motivation that keeps me going, “my breath” Which is why her nickname is Breezy. Everything is for her and my fans. If you contact me, I promise I will reply to every single one of you; after all, "EYEZ NEVA LIEZ". I would love to hear from you. - Muah 

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Happy Birthday Bonnie Mercado. I love you and miss talking to you. You are the best and thank you for talking to your number one fan even through I was thirteen at the time lol. You really inspired me. I love how your so friendly and positive all the time. I hope to see you soon and Have a great Birthday.
Love you Bonnie


Hi Bonnie this is your big Fan and Friend Ronald (RDS) Bardell..Wow I’ve been knowing you since I’m so happy God has given this little world a Beautiful Young Woman that’s so Strong & Successful as you I can only HOPE that you would see more in what you already have in your journey through life..remember the GREEN EYES NEVER LIES..Love & Blessings!!!!


Bonnie has done film, TV as well as radio and is an excellent celebrity host for various events. She is personable with an amazing heart and keeps the crowd interested in the show. She is beautiful, sexy, witty and of course funny. She is amazing to work with and always makes everyone feel like part of the family.