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Bonnie Leigh Mercado, born April 09, is an American reality star and actress. She was born and raised in the heart of the Big Apple, New York. As a young woman Bonnie Mercado's Hollywood dreams were sparked at the age of 16 years old. She then started to attend Modeling and Acting Classes, while maintaining the Dean's list at Nassau County Community College where she graduated Top of her class in Science. During this time Bonnie also maintained the life of a mother and a full time job.

Right before 9/11 Bonnie began her professional career in the Golden State, California. She then began attending Photo Days and then later, was in the hit television series Boston Public. She rose to fame playing the lead role of Eyez in the VH1 series Flavor of Love 2 (2006). She also was in various films such as Sorority Boys (2002), Vacancy (2007), and Mall Cop 2 (2015). Modeling was also a huge part of Bonnie Mercado's Career, she has modeled for  Sebastian Professional , Zink Magazine, Baja Fresh, Channel, Forever 21, Budweiser and NoH8.

Bonnie performed her solo debut single Hy Maintenan$e (2011) for the Pride Festival before throwing continuous amounts of money to the crowd. She has since then been on numerous internet radio stations with her show Keepin' it Real with Bonnie Eyez, Real Talk with Eyez.

Today, Bonnie Mercado's focus is on launching a world wide FM Radio campaign, morning show Monday-Friday 7am-11am. Wake The Hell Up!

Now Bonnie is the on air talent on Unphiltered Radio with Rock star, Phil Varone, the lead drummer from Saigon Kick and Red Dragon Cartel.

Fun Facts about Bonnie Mercado, when she is not on set, modeling, and hosting she enjoys doing charity work for numerous charities and the she loves following the NFL team Pittsburgh Steelers and spending quality time with her family. She enjoys Theme Parks such as Six Flags, and loves replying to all of her faithful fans. Once in a blue moon Bonnie indulges in her weaknesses such as Slurpee's and "not so healthy food". Bonnie's Favorite Holiday is Halloween.

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